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Wir bieten das ganze Jahr durch kulinarische Highlights, welche unsere klassischen Gerichte schmücken. 

  • Asparagus Weeks 23.04. – 17.06.
    Asparagus Love Goes Through the Stomach While others jest about our neighboring country, we prefer to invite Baden asparagus into our kitchen. Because, especially at the beginning of the season, it tastes irresistibly good and enchants our classic dishes with its flavor.
  • Fish Weeks 24.06. – 22.07.
    Travel to Distant Places with Fine Fish Join us on a journey to the coast and savor delicious seafood dishes from the sea alongside Swiss products. Sometimes the place of longing is closer than you think – to satisfy wanderlust and mentally feel the salty breeze.
  • Grill Weeks 01.08. – 31.08.
    Hearty from the grill with smoky flavors The charcoal grill, a fire, and juicy meat are the essences for a good mood. Feel almost like at home in your own garden. Instead of cooking yourself, lean back and leave all the steps to our professionals at the grill.
  • Wild Season 01.10. – 31.10.
    Greetings from the Hunter in the Forest From the rustic forests of the Muotathal and the Entlebuch, the hunter delivers deer and stag directly into Curdin's hands. Our head chef transforms the entire animals into fantastic game dishes. Get ready to be surprised.
  • Grisons Weeks 01.01. – 31.01.
    An «Allegra» from Graubünden Our head chef Curdin brings popular dishes from his alpine homeland to our lowlands. Toast to a delightful life with «Capuns» and other Grisons specialties paired with the appropriate wine. Viva!
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